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Posted on 04/26/2021
Closing Costs for Home Sellers Explained
Photo by Burst from Pexels In real estate, closing cost refers to the total amount of money due at time of purchase. This cost is usually equal to a small percentage of the total purchase price but can vary based on state, county and other factors. Sellers handle a portion of the closing costs which can sometimes be...
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Posted on 04/13/2021
248 9th Avenue Santa Cruz CA 95062 - For Sale NOW!
2489th.com Website HERE Call Celeste for a private showing and information! https://www.schoonerrealty.com/listings/74827276 Keys in the conch shell, come on in! We are at the Beach! The discriminating beach home Buyer will appreciate the collaboration of a Vintage exterior with a light, bright modern interior. Located in one of the most sought- after neighborhoods that Santa Cruz has to...
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Posted on 03/19/2021
A LOVE STORY - Trading Moorea Lagoon to Buzzard Lagoon, Corralitos, CA
Never Ordinary: A Playful Green Family Retreat that brings a Love of the Ocean into View Click HERE for full story! “Our dream was to live in a house that was fun!” the homeowners said as we stood on the deck of their energy independent home. Floor to ceiling windows reflected a broad ocean view above the blue...
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Posted on 05/01/2020
The Deck Legacy Continues To Support Organizations That Keep Santa Cruz Vibrant!
Through a planned gift, a former trustee, dedicated volunteer, and donor continues her support of the Seymour Center and Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz.When Harriet and John Deck and their two daughters arrived in Santa Cruz in the early 1970s, they found their permanent home. Harriet fell in love with Santa Cruz—its relaxed laid-back feel, the natural beauty,...
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Posted on 03/29/2020
Should You Join Your HOA?
Photo by RawPixel.com via Shutterstock When it comes to homeowner’s associations, you need to know what type yours is before you determine whether to “join” it. There are two types of associations, covenant-based and voluntary. When homeowners ask about requirements to join a homeowner’s association, they may believe it is optional, but if our association is covenant-based, you...
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Posted on 03/15/2020
Note Worthy Real Estate Trends in 2020
Photo by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay As 2019 draws to a close, people aren't just turning the page on a new year but also a new decade. With a new decade comes new trends in the real estate industry. The 2010s were a time of drastic shifts in the real estate market. This new decade is sure to...
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