7 Benefits of Using A Green Roof

by Schooner Realty 10/13/2019

Green roofs are roof systems that feature a root repellent layer, waterproof layer, a filter membrane, drainage layer, and several types of vegetation. Installing these unique roofs does not require you to remove your existing roof because it is acceptable to mount the new one on top of it if engineered correctly. The idea of installing a green roof has become increasingly viral in America and beyond because of its numerous economic, environmental and health benefits:

Green roofs prevent rainwater runoff

If excess water seeps into the ground, it may weaken the foundation of your home, resulting in erosion and create pools of water that destroy the vegetation. Installing a green roof helps prevent these things from occurring by retaining more water in the roots, leaves, and soil embedded in the roof system.

Green roofs benefit local wildlife and promote ecosystem diversity

Green roofs can become a haven for birds and other tiny creatures that find it hard to survive on the ground. Green roofs serve as a home and keep them safe from predators, as well as giving them a resting point during migration.

Green roofs improve air quality

Plants have a high amount of purifying ability, and green roofs comprised of plants which convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and trap toxins and dust make the air cleaner for everyone.

Green roofs are energy efficient 

Installing a green roof in your home will create an extra layer of insulation that is valuable during both the winter and summer months. During winter, a green roof reduces heat loss with its additional layers, and in summer the layers of soil and plants will shield your home from direct sunlight and keep it at a lower temperature.

Green roofs are durable and long lasting

A green roof incorporates a waterproofing layer installed underneath the layers of soil and vegetation. This waterproof layer has twice as long of a lifespan as the waterproof layer of conventional roofs. That means investing in a green roof will save you the time and money used in the maintenance or repair of traditional roofs.

Green roofs reduce noises

If you have noisy neighbors or if you live close to an airport or on a busy street, your green roof can dramatically lessen the amount of noise that gets into your home. Wonder how? Well, the combination of the vegetation and substrate within the roof system acts as sound insulation. Furthermore, tests have shown a reduction in noise of up to 50 decibels.

Green roofs keep you healthy 

Many studies show that people who spend time surrounded by nature have a lower stress level compared to those who do not. The natural elements that create green roofs ensure that installing one keeps your stress levels down and your heart in good in shape.

If you’re looking for that unique home that already has a green roof, speak with your real estate professional to see what homes are available in your community.